Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are best known for their work on TV, but they have also carved out a significant audience on the Internet thanks to Tested, a channel where they take viewers inside their personal workshops as they discuss and build whatever tickles their respective fancies.

Savage’s constructions in particular have drawn a regular audience, but he needs some more help if he’s going to put together any more movie-inspired gadgets or One Day Builds. To find his ideal intern, Savage has launched the ‘Inventern‘ contest, where his many fans will compete to see who has the right stuff to come work in ‘Adam’s Cave‘.

Since Tested is a YouTube channel, it’s only appropriate that the Inventern be skilled in both building stuff and appearing on camera without melting down. Therefore, the application process requires each potential Inventern to upload a five minute video to YouTube showing off something they have built or are in the process of building. I made a great chili from scratch the other day, does that count?

“The number one question I get on the screen is–I swear, everyone wants to know–‘can I come work with you guys?'” claims Savage in the Inverntern intro video.

The winner will spend a week with Savage in San Francisco, during which they will collaborate to make something neat. Teaming up with a Mythbuster is a dream scenario for many an engineer, so the Inventern competition will be hotly contested. Perhaps the most capable runners up can get hired as Hyneman’s desk organizer.

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