There are a seemingly endless number of web series detailing the trials faced by twentysomething city dwellers, but few are as intentionally unromantic as #HotMessMoves. The brainchild of two UCB alums, the series follows a pair of young women in the city who will undoubtedly be compared to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, and/or Hannah, but appear to be a touch more raw and a lot more flippant than those predecessors.

The two leading ladies in #HotMessMoves are played the series’ creators: Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman. They describe their characters as “totally relatable…in the worst way.” In the trailer, they sit in a coffee shop and make Bane voices, much to their amusement and the consternation of everyone else in the vicinity.

#HotMessMoves is broken down into 22 short vignettes, none longer than a minute. The coffee/Bane short arrived on August 13th, and new installments will arrive every other weekday until the middle of October. From the episodes we’ve seen, the girls will spend their time discussing their daddy issues, stealing food from random restaurant diners, and doing other socially unacceptable things to which most people would not publicly admit doing.

Skidmore and Friedman are taking the Robin Thicke approach to self-promotion by plastering Twitter hashtags across the screen at every available moment. Their biggest bump, however, has come from their fellow Collective Digital Studios creator, Hannah Hart, who has been religiously liking each #HotMessMoves release on her popular channel.

There are way too many web series protagonists who are likable, well-intentioned, and heartwarmingly down on their luck, so #HotMessMoves and its self-absorbed subject matters are a great breath of fresh air. Go check it out and prepare yourself for some sweet Schadenfreude.

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