You may not have heard of Jason Inman, who goes by Jawiin on YouTube, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen his work. Inman is the producer, cameraman, and editor for Rhett and Link, the dynamic YouTube duo who have racked up 1.34 million subscribers and 218 million views on their main channel. Inman has helped his two friends create their most impressive videos, but he’s now interested in putting together his own personal web series. Inman is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for Squatch Watchers, a series where he and his colleagues will search for the legendary Bigfoot.

Inman is asking for $10,000, with which he and his team of explorers (Gene Shaw, Jerry Ahern, and Jen Trani) will venture off into various remote locations where Sasquatch sightings have been reported. In addition to the main cast, the Squatch Watchers will get some help from Chuck Testa, who is best known for his ridiculous local TV commercial produced by Rhett and Link. You probably thought Chuck Testa is nothing more than an expert taxidermist. Nope!

The Squatch Watchers pitch video and trailer make the series seem like a serious endeavor, but knowing its creator, it is more tongue-in-cheek than it lets on. The hints are there: Trani’s plan to turn the Bigfoot’s grunts into music is ridiculous, and Testa’s presence should be a dead giveaway.

Thus far, Squatch Watchers has only raised $1,239 and has just ten days left to go. Let’s make this series happen, Internet. Bigfoot has played coy with us for too long.

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