A week before Geek Week began, YouTube unveiled an Easter egg that converted everything the site’s search page into a ASCII format. While that gag was plenty of fun on its own, it ended up being nothing more than an teaser for the slew of Easter eggs set to arrive the next week. As various nerds have taken over YouTube’s spotlight, the site has provided a more immediate distraction through four separate Easter eggs.

The first Easter egg is accessed by typing ‘1337‘ on any video page, and it turns that video’s comments into l33tspeak. Many of the people who have tried this feature out have erroneously entered the code as a comment, thus proving they are not 1337 enough to deserve the reward they seek.

When gaming videos took center stage at Geek Week, YouTube responded by presenting an in-window game of Missile Command any time a viewer types ‘1980’. This one reminded me of how lousy I am at Missile Command.

Wednesday’s comic book theme received an Easter egg companion as well. Some videos are equipped with a POW! button; when pressed, it shades the entire video like a comic book, thus proving that the programmers at YouTube have access to the Macbook photo booth.

Finally, YouTube accompanied Friday’s theme of geek fans by paying tribute to one of the most vociferous fandoms on the Internet: Bronies. In addition to showcasing a group of colorful horsies who gallop across the screen whenever someone searches for ‘ponies’, the site also broke out six different ‘flavors‘ for the search bar, each one corresponding to a different My Little Pony character.

The four Easter eggs are fun additions to Geek Week. One note for next time, YouTube: it’s not as much fun if you tell us what the Easter eggs are. I promise there are plenty of bronies out there who spend all day searching for pony-related jokes.

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