The YoutTube marketing software company Pixability recently released a report on the YouTube channels of the top 100 global brands, and anyone who wishes to effectively use the world’s most popular video sharing platform as a marketing tool would be wise to pay attention to the results. Among other findings, Pixability stressed that a constant stream of videos is important to building a brand following on YouTube. Specifically, the top brands in the study post an average of 78 videos a month.

Pixability noted that brand videos don’t have to be particularly high-quality; they just to be frequent. Instead of high production values, YouTube marketers should focus on sharing content on social media, paying close attention to SEO (as YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world), and applying consistent branding throughout both videos and metadata. These trends are all visible in the top performing brand channels, which have 50% more videos, 25% more SEO, 330% (!) more Facebook shares, and 89% more Twitter shares.

The ’78 videos per month’ figure is skewed by the top media brands, some of which post close to 500 videos to YouTube each month. In total, the top 100 global brands have published more than a quarter of a million videos on YouTube.

The study also hit on a number of other key topics. Pixability’s findings assert the importance of patience (more than half of measured video views came after the first three weeks of activity), persistence (most brand videos fail to exceed 10,000 views), and economy (having more brand channels does not correlate strongly with more views). The whole study has been collected in an hour long video presentation posted to the Pixability YouTube channel.

So there you have it. If you want to make a huge impact on YouTube, you’ll need to post at least two videos every day. Get to work, brand managers.

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