The new SciFiRiot channel, run by Digiriot, has added a Streamy-winning director to its list of talent. The second season of Blake Calhoun‘s Continuum has been released for free on the recently minted science fiction hub, which has filled out a full weekly schedule of new shows.

Continuum is Calhoun’s most recent project, following up his Streamy winner, Pink. It stars LonelyGirl15‘s Melanie Merkosky as an intergalactic Jason Bourne of sorts who must spacewalk around her haunting, sterile ship looking for answers. After season one arrived in full back in early 2012, Calhoun released season two in April on pay-to-view platform More than three months later, all nine episodes are now under SciFiRiot’s control, and it has released the first one, with new installments to follow each Thursday.

“Season two of Continuum is a continuation of the story, and picks right up where season one left off.” explained Calhoun. “The web series space is crowded. It’s really interesting and cool what SciFiRiot is doing to target a niche and open the doors to a community that is all about sci­fi.”

Continuum joins five other new shows on SciFiRiot; some, like Neubauer, a futuristic neo-noir, are classic, hard sci-fi. Others, such as Sci-Fine Dining, whimsically fuse together multiple genres (cooking, in this case). If you like space, you’ll find a lot to like; and let’s be real, who doesn’t like space?

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