Hey, cord cutters! Are you excited to add Google’s revolutionary Chromecast dongle to your list of digital TV devices? Well, get in line.

As expected, Chromecast is selling like hotcakes. Just two days after its release, it is already sold out on Amazon, Best Buy, and Google Play. It has proven so popular that even Google has been taken by surprise. In response to the insane demand, the company has stopped its initial offer to  bundle Chromecast with three free months of Netflix. While that will only partially thin out the group of potential customers, it will at least eliminate the cord cutters who only wanted the device so they could quickly run through Arrested Development and Orange Is The New Black.

If you absolutely can’t wait for the hype to die down before you pick up your $35 Chromecast, Google Play is probably your best option; if you order from there, you should get your hands on the gadget within a month, unless you like in Alaska or Tuvalu or some other remote place.

But really, is it worth the rush? Early reviews have been mostly positive, but a few notable exceptions cast doubt on the device’s worth. At Mashable, Emily Price has complained about Chromecast’s unwieldy charger and its occasionally unresponsive interface. Meanwhile, John Dvorak of PC Mag has sworn off the device completely, arguing that it doesn’t do anything already accomplished by several other common consoles.

Despite these naysayers, we all know how much fun it is to be the cool kid with the awesome new toy. I chose my friends in fourth grade based almost entirely on how strong their Pokemon were. If you’re willing to endure the wait in order to receive that feeling of superiority, well, more power to you.

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