Paul Oakenfold is showing off his latest track in an innovative way. The English DJ is making use of YouTube annotations to show scenes from his recent world tour while an overdubbed version of the United Nations declares him the greatest DJ in the world.

Oakenfold’s video, posted to his personal channel, features a clip of the United Nations that has been dubbed to make it sound as if each ambassador is vouching for his country’s greatest DJ.  As an aside, who knew DJing was such an international force? There should be a DJing World Cup.

As the screen catches the nameplates of countries where Oakenfold has performed, users can click on annotations to view separate videos filled with concert footage, backstage access, and plenty of local flavor. Unfortunately, this option isn’t available for every country featured in the video; I would love to see Oakenfold perform in Israel and Palestine, where he is apparently the only thing those two countries can agree on.

The inventive video is the creation of Fourclops, a directing duo known for its interactive music videos. Previously, it also created a “Musical Sticker Book Experience” for electronic musician Tokimonsta. Other musicians, such as Moones, have also experimented with annotations as a way to keep viewers active.

Oakenfold’s video serves as a preview for ‘Venus‘, the track he recently recorded with Azealia Banks. At the same time, it is also a comedy sketch, travelogue, and international crowdsourcing experiment rolled into one. That’s four videos in one! Not a bad deal at all.

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