Miley Cyrus‘ highly sexual music video for her latest single, ‘We Can’t Stop‘, has been at the top of the YouTube charts the last couple weeks. Naturally, everyone else on the site wants to bite off a piece of that Miley magic. There have been many, many parodies of the video released in the past few days, but arguably the best one yet comes from Stage Five TV. The geeky entertainment channel has released ‘Comic-Con Cosplay Party‘, which combines Cyrus’ racy attitude with the fanciful costumes that will be present at the upcoming Comic-Con convention.

The video stars Michelle Glavan as Cyrus, and the YouTuber does a pretty solid impersonation of the pop singer’s blatant ‘look at me now, I’m all grown!’ act. The only difference is that everyone around her is dressed like a character from their favorite nerdy franchise (I spy a Slave Leia, a Ghostbuster, a Chun Li, and many more) and that Glavan is the only one who wants the party to devolve into an orgy. Judging from context clues, everyone in the background is content to stand around and discuss the Red Wedding.

The video is another solid effort from Stage Five, which previous caught our eye with its brilliantly-constructed Game of Thrones rap battle. Each of its videos tend to have a high-quality sheen that is beginning to turn nerdy heads heads on YouTube, at Comic-Con, and beyond.

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