Fullscreen Creator Platform Provides New Tools For Network Members

By 07/09/2013
Fullscreen Creator Platform Provides New Tools For Network Members

Many of Fullscreen‘s recent developments have been focused on technology, as the multi-channel YouTube network with over 15,000 partners generating an aggregate 2.5 billion monthly views worldwide has played around with Google Glass and hired a new SVP of Engineering. To continue down that path, it has unveiled the Fullscreen Creator Platform, a new suite of tools aimed at both individual creators and brands.

The platform has a robust collection of available options. Taken as a whole, it allows users to track and optimize the performance of their videos, collaborate with other Fullscreen users, and take advantage of the network’s branded video service, Gorilla. Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos explained the various features in an interview with Tubefilter:

“You have your earnings breakdown. You have your stats where we provide very deep analytics not only for YouTube, but also across the social web with advice on actions you can take and how you can maximize your engagement.

We also have exclusive apps. We have a suite that our creators can access. Some of them help you license music, some help you connect with sponsors, and some help you schedule videos. Really any idea, any innovation we can come up with, we can build as a technical tool that can help our content creators.”

Fullscreen today released a video on its official YouTube channel showing off its new toy.

In addition to being a catalyst for more video views and prolonged engagement, one of the most important components of the Creator Platform must be the competitive advantage it potentially gives Fullscreen over other multi-channel networks. There’s a land grab for online video talent and any bells and whistles a multi-channel network can offer creators can help in the process of acquiring more channels, which can lead to more views, which can lead to more advertising dollars. “It’s certainly something that we’ll tout as a benefit in our partnership efforts,” said Strompolos. “The Creator Platform will be one of the many reasons we tell creators as to why they should work with us.”

But the Creator Platform isn’t meant to be just for your stereotypical YouTube content creator. It’s for brands, too. Fullscreen has made recent partnerships with recognizable entities like NBC and Ryan Seacrest Productions to manage and liase their YouTube and online video efforts. The Creator Platform can optimize the video initiatives for those organizations just like it can for Shane Dawson or Lindsey Stirling. “There’s a growing trend right now for brands to think of themselves as creators and to make their own content,” Strompolos noted. “On Twitter, they tweet. On YouTube, they make videos. And the Creator Platform can help them get the most from their efforts.”

The platform is yet another nice development for Fullscreen and Strompolos even hints at the possibility of opening it up to third-party apps in the not-so-distant future. He also claims the network is “on the cutting edge of creating tools for creators.” The powerful array of applications it has just unveiled provides ample evidence for that claim. Now we just have to wait and see how well they work.