Must-Watch Music Videos: The White Girl Of The White Mandingos

By 06/25/2013
Must-Watch Music Videos: The White Girl Of The White Mandingos

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There’s a reason The White Mandingos should remind me of the Public Enemy and Anthrax collaborations of yore, though – aside from the fact they’re all awesome – I haven’t found it yet. It may have something to do with the perfect blend of hip hop and crunchy rock guitars, meshing together, molding, but upon closer inspection, the White Mandingos are creating something very different, wholly distinct, and in this case supremely bad ass.

The epic triumvirate of musicians responsible for The White Mandingoes are legendary in their genres. The hybrid talents of Murs (Living Legends), Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains), and Sacha Jenkins come together to, according to their Facebook page, “combine the old with the new in an effort to inspire you and slap you.”

Sounds good to me.

Their video for ‘My First White Girl‘ fully embraces combining the old with the new, as well. Murs, dressed as Mr. Randy Watson, (from the ‘What’s Goin Down’ episode of That’s My Mama) pours himself a cup of “lean” and takes the stage in a bingo hall full of entranced old ladies to tell them all about courting his first white girl. The song tells the story of the video, and instead of dropping it right on the nose, we get a bit of comedy mixed into what turns out to be a truly heartwarming story with lyrics worth listening to and not just hearing.

Representative of both their musical styling and their outlook as artists ‘My First White Girl’ is a pastiche, with stereotypes fully identified — then blown apart. Or, to borrow another line from their Facebook page: “The White Mandingos are heavy because there are guitars, drums, 808s and word play that don’t play.”

The White Mandingos dropped their full-length record ‘The Ghetto is Tryna Kill Me‘ earlier this year so expect more from them very soon.

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