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An adorable, funny and ass-kicking web series is currently making its mark. Randall Park‘s Baby Mentalist, which stars his daughter as an tiny, crime-fighting psychic, has been tearing up Los Angeles’ Channel 101 screenings thanks in large part to its star’s deadpan delivery.

At its simplest, Baby Mentalist is a straightforward parody of The Mentalist, as it features a comedic version of the CBS drama’s central concept: a psychic uses his or her mind powers to help out the police. The only difference is that the web series’ mind reader is Park’s precious child, Ruby. Even for those who, like me, have never seen The Mentalist, the show still works as a general satire of overly serious crime dramas.

The best part of Baby Mentalist is Park himself. He only refers to Ruby as ‘Baby Mentalist and makes everything that comes out of his mouth funny thanks to his perfect delivery. The deadpan humor of the series is reminiscent of Convos With My Two Year Old, and it’s fair to call Baby Mentalist the reverse version of that show: instead of an adult acting like a baby for comedic effect, it’s the other way around.

Baby Mentalist recently broke a Channel 101 record by becoming the regular event’s #1 series for the fifth week in a row. I hope that attendees will continue to cheer loudly for their favorite series, because Park is funny enough to make me laugh for a long time.


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