A new social media hub is connecting YouTube personalities to the things they love. Subblime, started by entrepreneur Adam Winnick, Kevin Stone, and YouTube creator Elle Walker (AKA WhatsUpELLE), lets its users organize their favorite products into lists that can be shared with followers.

A look at Walker’s own Subblime page reveals how the site works. Its users (theoretically those who wield some degree of influence) find stuff they like, group similar items together by occasions, ideas, or themes, and then open it up to the public, where us plebian folk get to see how the other half live and possibly incorporate some of the products they use into our own households or onto our own persons.

Thanks in part to Walker’s affiliation with Big Frame, Subblime’s launch includes contributions from many top YouTubers. The site is partnered with both Big Frame and DECA’s Kin Community, and its initial users include Wonderly, Kristina Horner, and Jess Lizama. The users are, thus far, overwhelmingly female. While this can be attributed to the girl power nature of the two MCNs with which Subblime has partnered, the site does seem to have a general feminine appeal.

“Subblime creates an authentic and actionable relationship between subscriber and creator oriented around products,” said Winnick. “Fans frequently inquire about YouTube influencers’ favorite things and now Subblime can help facilitate community and commerce around those curiosities. We’re already seeing off the chart click through rates and engagement from our beta testing.”

While fans get some recommendations from their favorite creators, the personalities who use Subblime can use it to hawk their products of their own liking or design. Subblime then takes a cut of the revenue generated from any sales, and shares it with the creator/curator. It’s another new instance by which YouTubers and entrepreneurs are using online video fan bases to explore revenue opportunities outside of the traditional advertising revenue split offered by video sharing sites.

This phenomenon also happens to be the theme of an upcoming Meetup hosted by a pretty cool blog, so if the topic interests you, be sure to check that out.

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