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Steve Kardynal‘s main channel has been completely quiet since the Chatroulette version of ‘Call Me Maybe’ he released seven months ago. Nonetheless, the self-assured YouTuber best known for his ‘Songs In Real Life‘ series continues to soldier on. He recently crossed one million subscribers, so we decided to chat with him about his release schedule, his secondary channels, and his bold style.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to cross one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Steve Kardynal: It’s unreal! It’s such a great feeling and I’m grateful for every subscriber I have. I thank my fans all the time for the constant support they give me. Even though I don’t post consistent material my fans still stick around and show their love.

TF: You haven’t released any videos on your main channel in the past seven months. Are you planning some new stuff or are you done with that channel forever?

SK: I’m constantly thinking of new video ideas and working on new projects. Fans that have been with me for years know that I’ve never been consistent when it comes to uploading videos. The truth is, I just work at a different pace than most people that post to Youtube. To me, when I upload a new video it feels like a Holiday. If I posted a new comedy sketch or public prank on a weekly basis I feel like it would take away something special from my channel. I’m upset with myself for making my fans wait over 7 months for a new video, but I know they will be happy with the new videos I’m posting later this year.

TF: Do you have any sort of schedule with the vlogs on your secondary channel? If no, how do you decide when its time to film a new update?

SK: I don’t really have a schedule with the vlogs on my secondary channel, I just make sure to have my camera with me if I feel I’m doing something fun. When I go out with friends or when I’m traveling my camera is usually with me. A lot of my fans tell me I should post vlogs more often, so I’m going to give daily vlogging a shot this year! After my next major upload I’m going to follow up with posting a vlog every day for 1-2 months.

TF: Do you still have plans for the gaming channel you launched a couple months back?

SK: Starting a gaming channel is something that’s been in the back of mind for a long time. I wanted to launch my gaming channel last month but I didn’t want to have 3 separate Youtube channels. My plan was to mix my gaming in with my secondary vlog channel, but I do know gaming isn’t for everyone so I think it’s best to make my gaming channel separate. I’ve actually been stockpiling some footage for my gaming channel for awhile now. When I feel the time is right I will start posting the videos to my ‘KardynalGames’ Youtube channel.

TF: What was the inspiration for the Chatroulette video you posted last year?

SK: When I first heard the lyrics, “Hey I just met you and this is crazy” I instantly thought about making a Chatroulette video using that song. The mixture of different reactions I can get in a single video is always what inspires me to make Chatroulette videos. Even though it may take several months to get the best reactions it is always worth it in the end.

TF: Did you ever feel embarrassed while performing your ‘stunts‘? How did you prepare yourself mentally?

SK: I don’t get embarrassed when I film my videos, but I do get nervous. Back when I was in High school I took 4 years of Theater Arts. Before I went on stage to preform I would always get extremely nervous, but as soon as I went on stage all the nervousness went away and I became that character. I became alive! That’s the exact feeling I get when I make my videos.

TF: Do you consider yourself a YouTuber? Why or why not?

SK: Even though I don’t post videos often I still would consider myself a Youtuber. My life is based around Youtube. It’s also easier to refer to myself as a Youtuber instead of  something like, “that guy with a mustache that wears bikinis.”

TF: What’s on tap for the future? Any other YouTube projects on the horizon?

SK: ‘Songs In Real Life 4’ will be my next video that I plan on posting soon. It’s very close to be completed and I can’t wait to get it online. I originally wanted to have it posted months ago but ran into some complications filming and getting the cast together. A new Chatroulette video will also be coming November 2013. I would post it sooner but it’s a Christmas themed video so I feel it would be best to wait.

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