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Amnesia has long been a go-to soap opera trope, but a new series is out to prove it doesn’t have to be such a serious plot device. Misdirected, a hybrid mystery/comedy on Blip, builds an interpersonal comedy around a protagonist suffering from complete memory loss.

Misdirected stars Lauren Mora as Freddie, a woman who has just been discharged from the hospital after an accident which leaves her completely unaware of who she is. In the first episode, she is picked up by her “friend” Josh, but not before he pulls a prank on her by pretending not to know who she is.

The debut sets the tone for the series, which mostly consists of Freddie asking “Who am I?” only to have her friends respond in a playful and flip manner. Four short episodes have been released thus far, and pretty soon, as with most amnesia plots, we should learn that things aren’t what they seem.

I’m a sucker for a well-done memory loss story, and Misdirected is just that. It’s reminiscent of one of my favorite films, Memento, in the way it teases the viewer by slowly revealing information (Memento also derived some great comedic moments from its main device.) I hope, when it completes its first season, that Misdirected will come together in a brilliant way and reward my patience.


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