Parkour, as anyone who has ever watched a freerunning video can attest, is god damn cool. But you know what’s cooler? Zombie parkour. That statement summarizes the philosophy behind the latest video from stuntman Ronnie Shalvis, who has released an awesome freerunning video where he is dressed in a zombie get-up.

It’s a video born from the tastes of the prominent YouTube audience. The Walking Dead is crazy popular on the site, as its been Minecrafted and Bad Lip Reading‘d and Hardwicked, always to great success. I’m sure Shalvis saw all of these popular videos and figured, ‘Hey, I can do that too, but with more flipping!’ Of course, the video is as scary as it is cool, because, as several commenters have noted, we are absolutely screwed if zombies figure out how to pull off these stunts.

Even without the undead element, we’ve still got a pretty crazy double backflip on display here. Though Shalvis has just a tick more than 50,000 subscribers, I’d bet he brings in lots more with this new video. His last effort, set during the winter months, scored more than 650,000 views, and given how much the Internet loves zombies, I fully expect this one to cross a million.

Aside from his parkour demonstrations, Shalvis also uses his channel, Ronnie Street Stunts, for vlogs and tutorials. I’ll be sure to check out the latter option the next time I’m looking to break every bone in my body. When it comes to parkour, I’m ok leaving it to the awe-inspiring pros.

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