When I first saw the trailer for the Video Game Olympix collaboration between Smosh Games and Node Studios, I figured it was, in its essence, a chance for a bunch of a gamers to get together and have a good time while simultaneously scoring millions of views. As it turns out, that assessment wasn’t far off. The Video Game Olympix two-part special has been released, and it’s pretty standard genre fare, sure to please its audience but unlikely to draw in new fans.

Smosh Games (a collaboration between Smosh and the Clevvver Games team) and Node Studios (a gaming channel that counts Freddiew and Corridor Digital among its contributors play four games in total, with two teams of five squaring off. While only two players play at a time, the other eight sit in the back and cheer loudly. It looks like something I would like to do, if I had nine friends who play video games.

Video Game Olympix is created as an annual event, so when it returns next year, I’m hoping for a little more juice. There are a lot of fun video game personalities on the Internet along with an array of fun multiplayer games and a rabid audience. I hope Smosh Games and Node continue to ramp things up; by 2014, I want the entire spectacle to look like a Korean Starcraft match.

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