Epic Meal Time has amassed 4.5 million YouTube subscribers thanks to its unparalleled penchant for super-sized foodstuffs. Now, thanks to a new partnership, the EMT homepage is becoming a full on ‘destination’. The channel will be the home of Epic Tool Time, a show that will turn ordinary household objects into ridiculously tricked-out supertools.

Epic Tool Time is collaboration between the EMT team and West Coast Customs, best known as the body shop featured in MTV’s Pimp My Ride. When you think about it, the combination is a match made in heaven. Both groups became famous by making unnecessarily extravagant versions of everyday staples. Both prefer to ask “why not?” instead of “why?” And both have a special fondness for putting things inside of things inside of other things.

Epic Tool Time will take its place on the Epic Meal Time channel alongside weekly episodes of EMT, a second season of the Epic Chef cooking show, and new installments of the group’s instructional cooking show, Handle It. All of this content proves that EMT is more than just a place for bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips. Harley Morenstein and the rest of his gang even released a “Sauce Boss” music video, just to show that they truly are a pack of YouTube Renaissance men.

‪”We are really excited to be co-producing Epic Chef with The Collective once again. Season 1 was a great success, and Season 2 promises to be even more ridiculous,” said Morenstein. “Our collaboration with West Coast Customs is really going to change the game. The concept of the show seems like the natural evolution for our brand outside of the kitchen. These guys know how to do it right, and we are anticipating a lot of wild antics in this new production.”

The gears in my head are already turning as I attempt to think of the crazy items EMT and West Coast Customs will think up. Laser-guided drills? Bacon-powered workbenches? Hot tub time machines? The possibilities are endless.


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