From April 29th-May 3rd, 18 online video distributors will take the stage all over New York for Digital Content Newfronts, where they will attempt to pitch their upcoming content to advertisers and the media. Here at Tubefilter, we’ll be running through some of the presenters and taking our guesses as to what they will be showcasing. Today, Alloy Digital.

Name: Alloy Digital

Date Of Newfronts Presentation: Tuesday, April 30th from 11 AM – 1 PM EST

Highlights of Current Offerings: Smosh, ClevverTV, Kurt Hugo Schneider

What They Talked About At Last Year’s Newfronts: Alloy put on a show for its potential advertisers with the help of dance-pop band Cobra Starship, visual displays of all its programming and affiliated brands, fancy photo booths, and a karaoke recording studio.

What They Will Talk About This Year: Smosh is at the center of many of Alloy’s efforts, so expect them to once again be a focal point for this year’s NewFronts. The multi-channel network will be touting partnerships similar to its deal with Ubisoft that led to Smosh’s Assassin’s Creed video; after all, that branded effort ended up scoring 30 million views and becoming Smosh’s most popular video of 2012.

Outside of Smosh, Alloy will talk about several new shows. We will get more information about 30 Days To Popular, a teen comedy Alloy hinted at last year, and Dorm Biz, a reality show in the vein of Shark Tank and The Apprentice (but featuring college entrepreneurs).

Finally, Alloy will discuss DBG’s content, as it wrapped up an acquisition of the notable studio a few weeks ago. In particular, we can expect to hear more about Dropping the Soap starring Jane Lynch.

A Special Guest Who Could Show Up: Perhaps Smosh will make an appearance; after all, Ian and Anthony are Alloy’s (and YouTube’s) biggest stars. Even if they don’t fly across the country, there should be some Cobra Starship-y band in attendance. Fall Out Boy just released an album, maybe they want a little publicity. Also, Deepak Chopra will most likely be there. Obviously.


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