From April 29th-May 3rd, 18 online video distributors will take the stage all over New York for Digital Content Newfronts, where they will attempt to pitch their upcoming content to advertisers and the media. Here at Tubefilter, we’ll be running through some of the presenters and taking our guesses as to what they will be showcasing. First up, Aol.

Name: Aol

Date Of Newfronts Presentation: Tuesday, April 30th from 2-5 PM EST

Highlights of Current Offerings: Little Women, Big Cars; Playdate; Greetings from Home

What They Talked About At Last Year’s Newfronts: Aol brought out former Disney head (and current Vuguru exec) Michael Eisner and also announced the debut of original video portal Aol On, which has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year.

What They Will Talk About This Year: The three Vuguru series noted above all center around families and themes of suburban isolation, and given how many moms and dads use Aol, expect similar series to be pitched this year. But don’t count out other programs that may be attractive for advertisers with different demos. Aol still has a massive reach and it’s fire hose of a homepage can jumpstart any kind of video’s view count. Plus, the company has a fantastic working relationship with YouTube, which it may leverage to promote fare for your younger audiences.

We’ve also heard that the company plans to increase its capabilities across several screens, which could mean updates to its Aol HD digital set-top box service. And don’t count out some kind of digital health initiative from Arianna Huffington. Since Aol acquired her Huffington Post, that appears to be where her passions lie.

A Special Guest Who Could Show Up: Elwood Edwards, the guy behind the “you’ve got mail” voice. More likely, we’ll see a repeat appearance from Eisner, given Vuguru’s close relationship with Aol.

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