Vine has been a hot app since it was rolled out by Twitter earlier this year, and other developers are now using the video making app’s appeal to their collective advantage. One secondary site that has risen from this creative process is Vinetune, where a song’s lyrics are matched up to hashtags from Vine posts, creating a collaborative, crowdsourced music video.

For the uninitiated, Vine allows users to instantly cut together ultra-short clips to make slightly-less-short videos. You can make a Vine for just about anything, seeing as how it’s basically a moving Instagram, and the breadth of Vine posts on Twitter is what allows Vinetune to be a unique experience every time.

The song featured on Vinetune is ‘Flexin’ by Masters in France, a driving electro pop number with varied lyrics that facilitate a number of different hashtags. As the song goes on, we see all parts of the human experience, from TV clips to home movies to dudes filming themselves while they search 7-11 for munchies (we can thank the #high hashtag for that one).

I have just one complaint with Vinetune. Since the page loads the next three hashtags all at once, you usually can see what’s coming next. Why not just have these clips appear one at a time, which would truly streamline the video? Maybe there are some complicated technical issues involved, ones I will never understand. But if not, showing three clips at once does not seem ideal.

Go ahead and check Vinetune out for yourself. It’s only available on Opera, Safari, later versions of Internet Explorer, and Chrome, so if you still don’t have Chrome (for some reason), you know have a good reason to go get it.

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