The Jewish holiday of Passover is underway, and, a website dedicated to Jewish content, has released a YouTube video that offers a modern retelling of the book of Exodus. In a cleverly edited style, Aish postulates how the tale of the Israelites would’ve been different had it taken place in modern times, where media outlets would’ve looked for ways to spin every detail of the story.

Seemingly every major news outlet gets a light ribbing in this hypothetical scenario. Locust-based recipes crop up on Allrecipes, ESPN details the cancellation of chariot races caused by the plague of darkness, and Bloomberg reports on the economic impact of three million Jews booking Red Sea getaways at the same time. Make sure to pay attention to the headers and sidebars of each website, where there are plenty of cute references to Ancient Egypt.

The video is a follow up to Aish’s 2011 Passover video, which portrayed the Exodus story as a series of new media updates. That offering was much more cutesy; this time around, there’s some serious commentary mixed in, as the United Nations’ condemnation portrayed in the video mirrors the real life struggles between Israel and the UN.

Still, let’s not take this too seriously. It’s a clever video with some funny Passover jokes. I’m curious as to what Tubefilter’s role would be during a modern-day Exodus. We would be all over the dark, gritty web series reboot of the Israelites’ struggles, which would inevitably feature Tay Zonday in the role of the Pharaoh.

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