Just when you thought there were enough sci-fi series on the Internet, a new hub has come along with a unique approach, striking visuals, and some industry vets behind the steering wheel. Forge Apollo, a new channel on the Fullscreen network, will release one sci-fi feature every other week in an attempt to add some fresh juice to the popular genre.

Forge Apollo recently released its first video, an introduction in which a young girl discovers an otherworldly orb from another world. Apparently, each Forge Apollo installment will be a story told from that world, which at the very least has futuristic buildings. Fans are asked to comment on what they’d like to see, making the channel an interesting and interactive exercise in world building. Here’s hoping the fans want to see more than just robots.

Forge Apollo is the creation of Gabe Michael, who has also produced Epic Rap Battles Of History. Therefore, we at least know he knows how to use a green screen. In addition, the channel is partnered with Fullscreen, allying it with what is arguably the fastest-growing network on YouTube.

With its combination of talent, creativity, innovation, and experience, Forge Apollo has a chance to be absolutely out of this world; with some good writing, it could become the Black Box TV of sci-fi. All it needs it plenty of great suggestions from people like you and me. Here are two to get them started: Cybernetic octopi and pizza that gives you mind control powers. Chop chop, Forge Apollo.

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