Love It Or Hate It, YouTube’s Channel Redesign Is Available Sitewide

By 03/08/2013
Love It Or Hate It, YouTube’s Channel Redesign Is Available Sitewide

After overhauling its entire site, YouTube got to work on redesigning individual user channels. While many users disapprove of the new layout, that hasn’t stopped YouTube from debuting its new look with the help of several top creators. Love it or hate it, the new YouTube is here to stay.

When YouTube first previewed the new format for user channels, they used iJustine as a celebrity spokeswoman, hoping her presence could cushion the imminent negative feedback. With the new format now available for everyone, YouTube has once again gone to its most subscribed channels in hopes of easing the transition. A recent video discussing the changes features big names such as iJustine, MysteryGuitarMan, Chester See, Harley from Epic Meal Time, and many others. It’s hard to tell if they’re all speaking candidly, but they are at least speaking for sure.

Users who are ready to opt in to the new layout can do so by visiting a handy page YouTube has titled “One Channel“, where a step by step guide shows channel operators how to update their cover photo, arrange their videos, and produce a channel trailer to stay in lockstep with the new look.

YouTube notes in its blog post on the new design how “for a limited time, you’ll be able to switch back to the previous design if you like.” Of course, this implies that such an option will soon become unavailable. You better start getting used to the new YouTube. I hope you like white backgrounds.