Who knew Dijon mustard could be so thrilling? Venerated condiment producer Grey Poupon has released an advertising campaign, its first in years, centered around two posh mustard lovers. It has been released to the Grey Poupon website and YouTube channel.

The ad, titled The Lost Footage, is based off of a popular series of Grey Poupon ads from the 80s, where a man in a car borrows the mustard of a passenger in an adjacent car. The new spot chronicles the wacky chase that results the first erudite lad’s thievery of his fellow gentleman’s Dijon. The result is a zany, well-constructed romp, featuring a number of improvised weapons based off of country club staples such as golf clubs, champagne, and caviar. Unfortunately, the ad’s creators miss a golden opportunity for a ‘mustard gas‘ pun. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Grey Poupon is making sure to leverage the online platform to maximize the efficacy of the ad. In addition to the two minute main feature, there is also a host of bonus content on the mustard company’s YouTube channel, including interviews, a trailer, and a secondary ad for “The Gravy Yacht“, which is a gravy boat for the sophisticated consumer.

The ad, which aired just once on TV (during the Academy Awards), has gone over well, and while it’s probable that a portion of its 60,000 views have been of the pre-roll variety (unless the channel’s 62 subscribers are really, really into mustard), the response has been entirely positive. As a Djion mustard aficionado, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Grey Poupon for their clever, successful ad. Well met, good sirs.

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