For years, 5secondfilms–my personal favorite YouTube channel–has been the Cal Ripken Jr. of the Internet, cranking out a funny, absurd, bite-sized video every weekday without fail. The channel has gone over a thousand weekdays without missing a beat. Now, 5SF is looking to be more than just consistent. The group of LA filmmakers and actors is launching a new venture, where they will make longer films on the brand new UPROXX VIDEO channel.

UPROXX VIDEO is the child of 5SF and UPROXX, the Buzzfeed-esque web culture site that often has one eye trained squarely on YouTube. These two websites previously collaborated on a pair of top 20 5secondfilms compilations, which each drew in excess of a million views on YouTube. Go ahead and watch them if you like laughing at funny things.

The new 5SF videos will not have any time limits, and judging from the group’s introductory video, the UPROXX VIDEO content will be more traditional Internet sketch comedy a la Funny or Die. It remains to be seen if 5SF’s trademark absurdity will still be present or if it will be a casualty of removing self-imposed restrictions.

UPROXX VIDEO launches on February 11th, and will also feature viral videos featured on its network of blogs. For instance, an interview with crazy Birdemic director James Nguyen from a local access TV show has been posted to the channel while also being featured on UPROXX’s Filmdrunk movie blog. It’s a bold combination of UGC and premium YouTube content; in my eyes, as long as 5SF is involved, it can do no wrong.

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