Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes has proven that a YouTube channel can build a sizable audience around the rants of a celebrity who earned his fame decades ago. If recent trends are to be believed, beloved actor/stuntman/mohawked fellow Mr. T is hoping to cash in on a similar appeal. He has launched a Twitter account and YouTube channel featuring his personal thoughts and responses to user questions.

As of now, Mr. T’s channel, called OfficialMrTVideos, has only 114 subscribers, so you and six of your friends could increase his sub count by more than 5% with just a few clicks. At this point, the channel contains a single video, part of the Ask Mr. T series, where Mr. T responds to a user question about how best to fix the copier.

My first thought: wow, Mr. T is getting up there. My second thought: he has the potential to become a YouTube legend. I wonder what he thinks about the Epic Rap Battle where DeStorm plays him?

As for Mr. T’s Twitter, it has been around for less than three weeks, but has already accumulated more than 12,000 followers. If a few of those people check out his YouTube presence, he could soon have many more questions to answer on his show.

Finally, to cap off his new media push, Mr. T has released a self-promoting 99-cent iPhone app, which, among other uses, can allow the user to fit himself for some Mr. T hair. I pity the fool who doesn’t want Mr. T hair!

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