A couple weeks ago, we shined our spotlight on the upcoming ‘FMyLife‘ web series, the result of a collaboration between the FML team and the duo of Ben Giroux and Ray Chase, who run the Awkward Universe comedy channel. The first episode has now been released on the newly minted FMLVideoGuys YouTube channel.

As Giroux previously mentioned, each episode will feature a combination of five short FMLs that share a common theme. The first theme is “proposals”, with Giroux, Chase, and several other actors re-enacting their favorite FMLs on the subject. The fastidious nature of Giroux and Chase’s selection process is clear; the five FMLs run the gamut from male proposal FMLs to prom proposal FMLs to female-reception-of-proposal FMLs.

The question, at least for me, is whether the new FML web series is a better format than the one Giroux and Chase have produced independently of FML. Those videos featured just one FML at a time, building each story out into a full scene. The new format does seem to leave the viewer wanting more, as the top comments on the debut video suggest, but there is a definitely push for a large quantity, which was not possible with the previous videos.

One thing’s for sure: there’s a definite increase in video quality this time around, with some nice voiceovers, music, and special effects added to the mix. Even if it’s difficult to say which format is best, the overall polish of this go-round creates a series worthy of the popular website’s official seal of approval.

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