The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and some of the biggest names on YouTube are celebrating in style. Here are some of the Super Bowl/football/advertising/greasy food videos that have popped up in the past week.

As we wrote about previously, The Gregory Brothers have teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to release a Superfan Supercut, where NFL fans don their favorite jerseys and holler about their teams in perfectly-pitched autotune.

 The NOC is obviously busy this time of year; the YouTube Original Channel’s Super Bowl content includes a rap battle, a recap of every Super Bowl from the fans’ points of view, and a rundown of the best Super Bowl prop bets.

The Super Bowl is known for its sloppy foods, and who better to prepare some greasy football eats than Hannah Hart, who spent the time leading up to the big game getting drunk on 49ers themed cocktails and making pigs-in-blankets.

Of course, Hart is just the appetizer for the YouTube main course. Epic Meal Time has followed up the Sloppy Roethlisberger and Big Dirty Manningwich with its third straight Super Bowl bonanza: a large, bacon-filled , vaguely Mexican monstrosity known as the Flacco Taco.

YouTube’s AdBlitz is up and running, with plenty of pregame activities. Once again, I’d like to encourage everyone to wait until AFTER the game to watch Super Bowl ads on YouTube, but if you absolutely cannot wait, plenty of spots have already been posted.

With Daily Grace‘s help, non-sports fans can all fit in at Super Bowl parties.

Ryan Higa has released a video telling the story of how his planned appearance in a Super Bowl commercial fell through when he was upstaged by the only Asian on YouTube more famous than he is: Psy.

RoosterTeeth has simulated the Super Bowl in Madden 2013. Gavin Free (a Brit) somehow ended up as team captain despite having no clue what he’s doing. Hilarity ensues.

Machinima Prime has launched its new Sketch Royale series, where four teams compete to make the best sketch about a common theme, with a Super Bowl episode.

Pronunciation Manual reminds us how to pronounce Super Bowl. I’ve been saying it wrong this whole time!

There are many more gridiron-themed videos floating around, but hopefully you won’t spend too much time staring at the computer today. After all, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! You should be staring at a TV screen instead.

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