We happened to think the YouTube redesign turned the world’s most popular video sharing site into a more streamlined and subscriber-friendly service, but not everyone agrees with us. One of the dissenters is comedian Graham Murkett, who posts animations to YouTube under the alias SomeGreyBloke. Murkett has released a video that making fun of the YouTube redesign by pretending to debut a new line of ludicrous features.

Murkett should be commended for his spot-on impersonation of a YouTube employee running through the laundry list of changes. Also, though the video is a clear parody (even if some commenters didn’t get it), some of the joke features would be pretty neat. I’d love to be able to click a button from any video and end up on a list of better videos, and automatic flame replies would make handling trolls much easier.

Murkett also makes sure to take a shot at Ray William Johnson, who came out against the YouTube redesign when it launched. Here, YouTube’s #1 subscribed creator is characterized as making worse videos than Gangnam/Hitler mashups. Between Murkett and Steve Greene, RayWJ sure has gotten a lot of abuse lately. Luckily, he probably can’t hear them through all of his super sweet collabs and piles of YouTube money.

SomeGreyBloke, which mostly features the ramblings of its titular character, has more than 54 thousand subscribers and over 13 million views. Videos lampooning social media are particular popular, and for good reason–Murkett’s skewering of YouTube hits the right comedic notes. It should be primed to get a nice bit of traffic (just not from Ray William Johnson fans).

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