Hannah Hart To Hit The Road, Get Drunk In Your Kitchen

By 01/03/2013
Hannah Hart To Hit The Road, Get Drunk In Your Kitchen

With over 420,000 subscribers (good for 477th place on all of YouTube), Hannah Hart has gone from an innocent, average college grad to one of the most in-demand stars on YouTube. Now, Hart wants to take her act to YOU. The My Drunk Kitchen host has started an Indiegogo campaign for Hello, Harto, a travel show that will see YouTube’s favorite sot cruise around the country, travelling through major US cities and indubitably drinking plenty of booze along the way (but, uh, not at the same time).

Hart will certainly receive the $50,000 she is asking for without much trouble, but any additional donations will determine which cities she visits. Hart explains in her introductory video to the project how the cities and landmarks with the most donations per capita will receive a visit. If I’m hearing that correctly, it means one vote from Abilene, Kansas goes as far as 1,204 from New York City. Get on it, small town America!

Hart will continue to produce My Drunk Kitchen episodes during her Hello, Harto trip; it is unclear how she will choose the filming location in each area she visits, but if you want some Harto in your house, it couldn’t hurt to give her a ton of money. I’ve heard people are generally friendly when they are showered with riches.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it; you can check out the Hello, Harto introductory video for the full details:

There should be stiff competition for the locations Hart will choose as stops on her journey, so make your voice (and wallet) heard if you want your city to be featured. Even if you’re not a fan of My Drunk Kitchen, keep in mind you also have the chance to be in the presence of someone who has been in the presence of Harley Morenstein. I’m pretty sure that makes you Sauce Boss by the commutative property. Happy donating!