The conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy has left a batwing shaped hole in our collective heart. However, a proposed web series could provide us with the Dark Knight fix we need. Producers Dan Petruccio and Mike Lupla have launched an Indiegogo campaign for The Batman Chronicles, which is primed to make use of the bleak, gritty tone set by Nolan’s lauded film series.

Thus far, we’ve only seen a teaser for Batman Chronicles, but the sharp visuals and crisp sound design give the impression of a sterling product. Lupla and Petrucclo are seeking $15,000 to shoot multiple episodes at a high level of production value.

The production team seems like a typical group of film school artistes, while several of the actors (including Petruccio, who plays Batman) are known for their costumed portrayals of Batman characters. You’d be surprised at how many tribute web series are put together by non-specific production companies, and the fact that fans are involved is an immediate plus. Perhaps Batman Chronicles will join Mortal Kombat: Legacy in the land of fan series that play with the big boys.

There’s only room for a certain amount of Caped Crusader media in my heart, and College Humor’s riotous Badman series currently takes up a large chunk of it. However, there is currently an opening for a serious Batman series, and if Batman Chronicles can scrounge up the requisite funds, the resulting series could be a doozy. You can drop some dough on it right here.

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