YouTube’s early years were marked by total randomness and nonsensical videos that resulted from it. It was a lawless time, when no one used the words ‘premium content’ and absurd creations such as the original Adventure Time video ruled the charts.

Perhaps no video is as indicative of old-school YouTube as Charlie The Unicorn, FilmCow‘s cockamamie tale of a down-to-earth unicorn named Charlie and the pitfalls he suffered at the hands of his two psychotic unicorn friends. The original short racked up more than 64 million views and became a YouTube legend. Now, more than three years after the third Charlie The Unicorn entry was released, FilmCow has added a fourth segment to the sordid tale of unhappy-go-unlucky Charlie.

As with previous installments, Charlie is coerced into following his mythical brethren into a far-off location (in this case, the moon), where he is ultimately betrayed and left for dead. The entropy is once again jacked up to the max; characters include a singing, dancing, lunar millipede and a wish-granting starfish who has adopted #YOLO as his life mantra. Yeah, it’s pretty silly.

The new Charlie The Unicorn is one of the first videos capable of triggering YouTube nostalgia. It hearkens back to a simpler time, one free of Original Channels and YouTube charts dominated by music videos. Once you watch it, don’t be surprised if you end up searching for your other favorite videos from 2007. Belt out some ‘Chocolate Rain‘, rediscover the Evolution of Dance, and get ready for a wild ride. Which reminds me, what are those Smosh guys up to these days?

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