A couple weeks ago, the Fine Bros‘ channel got serious for the first time, as the creative pair behind the highly popular React series (and the Streamy-nominated MyMusic show) released a Teens React episode about bullying and the Amanda Todd suicide. Given the very positive response to that episode, the brothers have decided to use their space for another poignant statement. The duo’s latest Teens React episode deals with the recent tragedy in Newtown and offers teenage perspectives on mass violence and gun control.

Regardless of your stance on the issues, the Teens React kids said some incredibly thought-provoking things, especially considering their ages. “If we live our entire life afraid…where everyone needs a gun,” said 15 year-old Eric, “then we’re not living, we’re hiding.” Well said, Eric. Well said.

As with the Kids React episode on the election, there seems to be a definite left-leaning consensus among the teens; make of that fact what you will. It does seem evident that the Fine Bros are not leaving anything on the table. Some of the teens came out in favor of second amendment rights, and Benny and Rafi made sure to publish their opinions right alongside the teens who wish to enact strict gun laws.

The Fine Bros continue to exercise their wide reach to make important statements about social and political issues. Their predominantly younger audience can now look to their videos not just for a laugh but also for some good life lessons. Kudos to the Brothers for doing what they feel is right.

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