On-the-go artists, rejoice! YouTube has released a new app for iOS called ‘YouTube Capture‘.  It allows users to quickly record videos on the fly and instantly share them on YouTube and other social media networks. To promote the app, which is already available on the App Store, YouTube has released a video showing off its functionality.

YouTube Capture could be used as a bare-bones recording device, but it seems engineered for capture the ‘Kodak moments’. After all, it was videos of cats and kids that made YouTube so big in the first place; why wouldn’t the sharing site devise a program for creating MORE of those videos? Therefore, the next time your friend  tries to inner-tube down the street or jump his bike onto the roof, you can be ready

Of course, the clear inspiration for YouTube capture is Instagram, which has become a huge hit thanks to its ability to instantly capture a Facebook-able moment. Similar apps, such as Facebook Camera, have already been released, but don’t blame YouTube for wanting to take their own piece of the pie. After all, there’s a perceptible difference between a Facebook video and a YouTube video; the former is better for sending vlogs to your friends while the latter is better for showing off your awesome cup stacking skills.

As a Droid user, however, I’m out of luck. It seems strange to me that Google would develop an app for iOS and leave it off their own mobile OS, but hey, I guess the world really wants me to buy an Iphone 5. Somewhere in the afterlife, Steve Jobs is smiling.

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