Broadway Video‘s Above Average channel has been cycling through shows fairly quickly, with short series such as The Sidecar and The Realest Candidate already finishing their runs. The channel’s newest debut is Sugarboy, a web series about a hyper child on a sugar rush who invents ludicrous and fast-paced action movie scenarios.

Sugarboy is most reminiscent of Drunk History, Funny or Die’s star-studded reenactment of historical events as told by hammered narrators. I’m not sure if the lead character in Sugarboy was actually fed a drum full of high-fructose corn syrup, but I certainly hope so. In the first episode, the frenzied child tells us the story of ‘Chip Lockder: Crime Doctor‘, a muscled man’s man who fights evil and touches a lot of boobies.

Sugarboy‘s second episode will tell us the story of ‘Kung-Fu Mom’, which to me signifies a hearkening back to the ridiculously-titled exploitation movies of the 70s. Those movies are fun because they’re loud, stupid, and full of absurd logic. Sugarboy‘s monologues are delivered with winking irony and are therefore not as zany as the unintentional shenanigans of old-school exploitation directors. Still, who am I kidding? It’s funny to watch a ridiculously-costumed alpha male punch his nemesis’ head clean off and high five an alien while riding along on his moped.

The brain behind Sugarboy is Dan Opsal, who writes for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Highly regarded writing talent is a hallmark of Above Average series, which is no surprise given the channel’s association with Broadway Video founder (and SNL creator) Lorne Michaels. Of course, knowing Sugarboy is a carefully crafted piece of comedy writing destroys any illusions I had of it being the actual product of a kid’s sugary mind. Nonetheless, Sugarboy is a nostalgic trip back to a time in every young man’s life when the only thing that mattered was how well he could draw a cool-looking S in his notebook.

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