For every person creating a work of superhero fiction, there seems to be two who are deconstructing or satirizing the genre in some way. Bobby Moynahan took us inside The Sidecar, College Humor introduced us to Badman, and a new series on Cartoon Hangover presents viewers the crudest, most sophomoric vision of the superhero genre we’ve ever seen.

The series is called Superfuckers, and such a title goes a long way towards describing the content of the series, which follows a group of young heroes who spend their time bickering, cursing, and vomiting. You probably think you have a good idea of how lowbrow Superfuckers‘ humor is, but it’s actually even lower than that. Seriously, just look at the trailer. This show is as close as we’re ever going to get to a real life version of the Terrence & Philip cartoon from the South Park movie. The first episode was released today, and it’s mostly what you would expect. You’ve been warned.

Superfuckers‘ humor is hit-or-miss, but I was happy to see Maria Bamford providing the voice of Princess Sunshine. This credit combined with her recent special makes November 2012 the month of the Bamford Renaissance. From the looks of it, she’s having plenty of fun with the role.

Superfuckers is based off of a comic book by James Kochalka, best known for his American Elf web series. All of Kochalka’s works are distinctly surreal and bizarre, but they aren’t all this dirty; between Superfuckers and Pendleton Ward’s Bravest Warriors, Cartoon Hangover is providing a safe space for cartoonists who want to offer a work free of creative restrictions. Bravest Warriors is great and has been deservedly well-received; does Superfuckers deserve the same plaudits? Not everyone will agree on an answer to that question, but I have a feeling everyone will have a strong opinion on the matter.

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