The maxim ‘sex sells’ has long been a mantra of the entertainment industry, and it certainly applies to the online video sphere. YouTube stars such as Taryn Southern and iJustine have used risqué thumbnails to drive millions of viewers to ultimately tame videos (at least in comparison).

A new series on the popular Earth-Touch channel understands this appeal; it’s called Wild Sex, and it reveals interesting animal sex rituals while featuring its own sexy host.

The seductive biologist at the center of Wild Sex is Dr. Carin Bondar, a science blogger who calls her didactic style ‘biology with a twist.’ Bondar is an expert on animal kingdom mating habits, and each episode of Wild Sex explores a different theme, such as cannibalism or partners getting stuck together. While Bondar explains how animals exhibit these unique quirks, she changes shirts or hops around with a shirtless guy, playing up the sexual aspects of the show.

Though Bondar’s sex appeal is certainly a central aspect of Wild Sex, the show also features plenty of good old fashioned science, and learning about some of the mating rituals was fascinating (who knew that female praying mantises bite off their partners’ heads? How macabre.) Bondar’s explanations are augmented by nature footage and the occasional animation, and I found myself less interested in her alluring advances and more interested in the bug sex. I’m not sure what that says about me as a person.

Earth-touch’s collection of nature videos have allowed it to develop a nice little following. Since the channel posted its first video in 2007, it has attracted over nine million views. Fittingly, the most viewed Earth-touch entry is a video of two leopards mating, so Wild Sex should fit right in with the channel’s largest audience. As long as the series doesn’t lay the sex appeal on too heavily (as some viewers felt it did in its most recent episode), Wild Sex has the potential to be a fun romp through the horny animal kingdom.

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