The first season of Runaways, AwesomenessTV‘s angst-filled teen drama, has to be considered a success. The series’ 7 episodes drew over 689,000 viewers. When you consider the sad fate of some other original series, that near-100k average must make Awesomeness very happy. The teen and tween-oriented channel has shown its appreciation for the series by granting it a second season. The first episode of this new chapter premiered on Thanksgiving.

Runaways takes viewers inside Danbury Prep, a hoity-toity high school where the students wear formal uniforms but are secretly loose and slightly unhinged. The central figures of Runaways are Kalee and Mason, a star-crossed couple who run away from school (hence the title). The pair are somehow connected to a dead body that turned up at the beginning of the series, but as season 2 begins the audience is still trying to unravel clues about the details of the murder (and some other juicy secrets). And thus, the stage is set for season 2.

Runaways is still filled with all of the trimmings that make the kids excited these days. The two leads are conventionally attractive, and Mason, with his light eyes and soft voice, is truly a Pattinson-ian male lead. Kurt Hugo Schneider wrote the show’s theme song, but season two has amped up the amount of crunchy dubstep on the soundtrack, because THAT’S WHAT THE YOUNGINS ARE THANKFUL FOR.

Awesomeness is in a good spot right now. With the recent announcement that Google is re-investing in its Original Channels Intiative (of which Awesomeness is a charter member), potential investments need to prove they’re worth the added cash flow. Given that Google has a strong incentive to re-up its commitment to channels that focus on a young demographic (such as SourceFed and Smosh‘s ShutUpCartoons), a channel that has built its entire lineup around said demographic is in good shape. All Awesomeness needs to do is continue to produce the youthful shows that put it in the top quarter of YouTube Original Channels in the first place. The new season of Runaways is a great place to start.

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