Thanksgiving is in the air. For some people, this means pigging out on the feast to end all feasts. For others, it is a chance to show off their culinary skills. Some people just do weird stuff like, um, this. Turkey Day is a chance for YouTube’s brightest stars to release their best work, and if you’re looking for a funny video to show your folks, no further than this list from Visible Measures of the most popular Thanksgiving-related videos.

The list is populated with several of our favorite creators; Epic Meal Time, predictably, own the #1 and #5 spots on the list, but I was more interested in seeing which other popular YouTubers made the cut. Freddie Wong‘s THANKSCEPTION will one day stand as a relic of the year 2010, but given as how I just made an Inception reference earlier today, I don’t think I’m at liberty to make that judgment. FRED also made the top 10, as did Ryan Higa with his very clever ‘Things That Ruin Thanksgiving’ video.

The top ten is rounded out by a Rebecca Black-esque song about the holiday, the ‘turkey call’ video linked above, Brad Pitt‘s Friends appearance, Adam Sandler‘s Thanksgiving song, and this turkey dubstep video (if you think that one’s cool, you should check out its sequel). Will this list look different in 2013? Barely Political would certainly hope so.

Hopefully these videos are good enough to entertain your respective families this year. At the very least, they will allow things to go more smoothly than Larry David’s Thanksgiving.

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