Though I am not a vegetarian, I can understand  that abstaining from meat on a holiday known as ‘Turkey Day‘ would be rather difficult. Vegetarians can now give thanks to the Cooking Channel, a YouTube outlet whose Good to Know web series has debuted the Veggieducken, a bird-less variation of the Turducken and a fine addition to any Thanksgiving feast.

The Veggieducken consists of an inner layer of sweet potato, a middle layer of leeks, and an outer layer of squash. All of these seasonal veggies are held together by lots and lots of stuffing (which is also the binder between turkey, duck, and chicken in the classic Turducken recipe). Though the Veggieducken can make a delicious centerpiece for a Turkey-less Thanksgiving, it can also make a fine side dish. After all, the only thing needed at any typical Thanksgiving dinner is MORE FOOD.

Good To Know is hosted by Laurie March and Dan Pashman; the Veggieducken itself is Pashman’s baby, and he will soon appear on Weekend Edition Sunday on NPR, where he used to work, to discuss his creation (Pashman also hosts a food-related podcast called The Sporkful.)

The Cooking Channel has been around for two years, and Good To Know, which introduces various life hacks (mainly centered around food and drink), has given the channel’s viewers ten episodes of rooftop gardens, machine-less ice cream, and kid-friendly s’mores bars. You can watch the full complement of Good To Know episodes on YouTube.

Good to Know isn’t the first web series to experiment with the Turducken; back in 2010, a then-little-known channel called Epic Meal Time created a 79,000-calorie monstrosity called the Turbacon. Two years later, Epic Meal Time is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Good on the Cooking Channel for proposing a slightly, um, healthier alternative to that frightening food-splosion.

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