Christopher Mintz-Plasse, best known for playing Fogell AKA McLovin in the film Superbad, is making his way into web series territory. The 23 year old actor will star in The Far Cry Experience, an upcoming Machinima-distributed mockumentary that will place Mintz-Plasse inside the world of Ubisoft‘s popular Far Cry franchise.

The Far Cry Experience seems to be drawing heavily on classic fish-out-of-water tropes, pairing Mintz-Plasse’s nerdy homebody with the untamed wilds of a tropical island. The trailer makes it clear that we’ll also see a gruff native as either an unlikely friend or devious enemy for McLovin. Also, bad disco dancing will be present. Check it out for yourself:

Now I know what you’re thinking: didn’t Legend of Neil corner the market on comedies set inside video game worlds? In my mind, yes and no. While The Far Cry Experience could step on Legend of Neil‘s toes a bit, Mintz-Plasse’s acting is at its best when he plays an awkward sort of character, in contrast to Tony Janning’s sarcastic and confident Neil. With a bigger budget, you can also expect The Far Cry Experience to feature some tightly produced action sequences, for better or for worse. Finally, I probably wouldn’t expect any Felicia Day fairy sex from this one. I mean, you never know, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards.

The Far Cry Experience will debut on November 1 and will run for four weekly episodes, leading up to the release of Far Cry 3 on November 29. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Machinima is using the exact same maneuver for Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, which is also being released in weekly installments leading up to the Halo 4 launch.

Legend of Neil is done for good, so if you need to get your pasty-nerd-in-a-video-game-world fix, The Far Cry Experience may be a temporary solution. Plus, who didn’t love Mintz-Plasse in Kick Ass? The guy may be a one trick pony, but at least it’s a good trick.

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