The niche market for Internet channels related to record breaking seems to be getting mighty competitive these days. Elder statesman Guinness World Records is still the leader in the clubhouse, assembling a variety of content on its YouTube channel (including its Meet The Record Breakers series), but it faces stiff competition from RecordSetter, which has launched its own YouTube series starring everyone’s favorite drunk chef, Hannah Hart. Now, GWR is firing back with a new channel, GWRomg, that will feature live record breaking events.

GWRomg was launched a week ago with promos from the YouTubers who will attempt to break records on the show. The channel will kick off for real with a live stream that will run from 1-3 PM EST on October 25th and will feature a series of record breaking attempts. The live stream is embedded below, so be sure to check back tomorrow once the action gets hot and heavy.

GWR will follw up this event with the official launch of GWRomg on November 1st. The channel will feature five shows a week.

In total, five talented YouTubers will take place in the record breaking event, and each one has released his own promo hyping the upcoming madness. The five participants are Alfie Deyes, Christopher Bingham, Marcus Butler, Oli White, and KSI. None of their channels focus on record breaking, which is to say, none of them are this guy. Therefore, expect uncertain results as they rise to meet these challenges. All five have the potential to succeed, but there sure be plenty of fail thrown in as well.

GWR has put together a maddening list of records that the GWRomg lineup will attempt to break. Here are just a few challenges that may be undertaken tomorrow:

  • Model balloon dog making – fastest time (where’s Ira Glass when you need him!)
  • Cream cracker eating – fastest time to eat 3
  • Mr. Potato Head assembly – fastest time
  • Chair rotations – most in 30sec
  • Most circles with basketball round waist in 30sec
  • Typing on iPad- alphabet – fastest time
  • Bounces on a space hopper – most in one min
  • Most baked beans eaten with a cocktail stick in one minute
  • Most Bras put on and removed in one minute – team of 2

I’m now super intrigued to see which two male contestants form Team Bra. It should be a sight to behold, so remember to check back here for the live stream on October 25 at 1 PM EST.

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