Donald Trump seems like the kind of guy who would have a noticeable YouTube presence. He’s loud, not afraid to state his views, and full of on-screen swagger. His official channel has over five million views, and he recently returned to the video sharing site with a new video, titled ‘From The Desk Of Donald Trump: Major Announcement‘, in which makes a proposal to President Barack Obama.

Trump, a champion of the birther‘ movement, is apparently still not convinced by Obama’s birth status. Speaking with the fervor that previously made him a successful businessman, Trump requested that the President release his college and passport records, which he says will finally “end the question and the anger of many Americans.” To sweeten the deal, Trump has offered to donate five million dollars to a charity of Obama’s choosing so long as the President complies with his request.

Trump’s channel, which disables comments on all its video, previously hosted a widely spread video accusing Jon Stewart of racism. It is also home to several videos detailing Trump’s philanthropic endeavors and regular updates from his daughter Ivanka.

The muckraking nature of Trump’s comments led to sarcastic comments from Twitter users and The Onion alike. Personally, as a writer, I’m most offended by Trump’s weird use of the word ‘transparent’ in the first sentence. Trump keeps using that word, but I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

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