Ah…R. Kelly. When he’s not busy standing trial for child pornography or writing the greatest song in the history of the world, the R&B legend has entertained us by writing new material for his very, very silly Trapped in the Closet series, a ‘hip-hopera’ about a normal, average guy named Sylvester and the complex web of deceit, intrigue, and little people that his infidelity reveals. R. Kelly released the 22nd episode of the musical journey back in 2007, and now episode 23 is finally here five years later. The video for this installment has premiered on IFC.com, where 20 more chapters will be released after they air on TV on November 23.

As with previous installments, the new episode features a soulful narration from R. Kelly on top of the same simple hook that has been used for the previous 22 parts of Trapped in the Closet. This particular installment centers around a mystery caller who propositions the majority of the main cast. However, as R. Kelly notes, one of the most pivotal main characters in Trapped in the Closet’s complex network of relationships (spoiler alert!) can’t be reached.

The 20 episodes that will air on IFC have already been filmed, but we still have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to see them. To pass the time, feel free to check out the first 22 chapters on IFC’s website; some repeat viewing allowed me to realize that James the police officer is Omar from The Wire (and one of the main characters in Al Thompson’s upcoming Lenox Avenue).

It’s possible that R. Kelly intended the first few chapters of the saga as serious R&B, but at this point it’s clear that he’s creating each new episode with a healthy dose of winking and nudging. If you’re the kind of person who can appreciate that sort of humor, you’re in luck. R Kelly has reportedly penned about 32 new episodes of Trapped in the Closet, so I doubt this November’s release is the last we’ll see of Sylvester and his unfaithful acquaintances.

If you can’t appreciate that sort of humor, well, lighten up! Not only should Trapped in the Closet should be a fun ride, but it’s also an important reminder that when her husband comes up the stairs, you can’t hide from fate (unless you jump out the window).

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