Barack Obama Watches The Vlogbrothers

By 10/16/2012
Barack Obama Watches The Vlogbrothers

Did you know that the Obama campaign has its own Obama For America Tumblr blog? Unfortunately, he doesn’t use it to post the funniest photos of Bo the dog.

Rather, Obama For America shares pictures, videos, and links related to the President’s reelection drive. It was quite exciting, then, to see a video from the super smart Vlogbrothers make an appearance. Clearly, Barack Obama loves the Vlogbrothers. Or, at least, his Tumblr loves the Vlogbrothers. OK, maybe just the 20-year old unpaid intern who runs Obama’s Tumblr loves the Vlogbrothers. It’s still cool to see them on the President’s radar.

The video, simply titled ‘You. Must. Vote.’ is a rant from Hank Green that seeks to tear down the common arguments for not voting. Within the video, Hank makes a great case for casting one’s vote even if it will have no bearing on the winner of a state; he does this by spinning a brilliant metaphor comparing the voting masses of Democrats and Republicans to the commenting masses of Whovians and Twihards. It has to be seen to be believed.

The Vlogbrothers are the producers behind SciShow and CrashCourse, two of YouTube’s initial 100 Original Channels. Both are wonderfully presented and the two channels make science and history (respectively) absolutely fascinating. The pair are also the brains behind VidCon, the convention geared toward us online video fans.

In addition to the Vlogbrothers post, Obama for America has also shared several other links. Some show the prez hanging out along the campaign trail while others slam the Romney campaign. Most recently, the blog posted the DNC-funded website (which, in this writer’s opinion, is incredibly witty). Look to Obama for America for a regular dose of fun and funny Tumblr stuff. Hopefully they’ll discover Obama’s auto-tuned debates before too long.