Introducing the YouTube Original Channels Viral Video Chart

By 10/12/2012
Introducing the YouTube Original Channels Viral Video Chart

If you’ve never checked out the Viral Video Chart by Unruly (a social video advertising company with the simple misson to “deliver the most awesome social video campaigns on the planet), I’d suggest you give it a look. The Top 20 or 100 List evaluates the social activity of videos across the web to rank the most shared hits of each day, week, month and year. And that “social activity” part is what what separates this list of Top 20 or 100 Online Videos from all the rest.

Unruly’s tracked over 300 billion video views since the company launched the Viral Video Chart back in 2006 with a unique methodology that relies on social shares. The ranking is populated by the videos that have spread the most through social media rather than the videos that have simply accumulated the most views. Unruly’s believes with all the controversy between organic vs. paid views, using social stats is a great way to measure ‘viral.’

We think it’s a great way to measure ‘viral,’ too. That’s why we’re teaming up with Unruly to bring you the Tubefilter YouTube Original Channels Viral Video Chart. This ranking will do the same thing as Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, but only using videos from the 100 (soon to be 160) channels in the YouTube Original Channels Initiative. We hope this will allow YouTube fans to discern what’s hot in the premium content industry on the social web. Without further ado:

If you conduct a quick breakdown of the Top 20, it’s not a shock to see Warner Sound dominating the list and its Flo Rida – Whistle occupying the #1 position for the week. Music videos are, after all, incredibly popular online given their global appeal and intrinsic repetitive qualities. However, the Top 20 also includes videos in the genres of politics, sports, and film (including a double dose of Red Bull’s Supersonic Freefall).

We should see some interesting happenings in the Chart as time goes on, and we’ll bring you regular updates on the breakthroughs, trends, irregularities and all that’s in between as more premium videos break into the viral space.

In the mean time, you can check in on Tubefilter’s YouTube Original Channels Viral Video Chart whenever you like by clicking over to