Last time we checked in with The Fine Bros, Benny and Rafi had just teamed up with Revision3. Since then, they’ve been going strong with several new episodes of Kids/Teens/Elders React, and today they released an episode of the series featuring elders reacting to Psy‘s ‘Gangnam Style‘. The general idea I got was that the song was a big hit with our nations seniors and they mostly found Psy to be a charming, charismatic young man.

The Fine Bros previously posted a Teens React video back when ‘Gangnam Style’ had a mere 20 million views (remember those days?), and as with anything ‘Gangnam’ related, the video garnered a ton of views and became The Fine Bros’ most viewed video ever. Personally, I think it’s just so much better when you can bring in some old folks to mispronounce the song’s lyrics (“Oppa Ganda Da!”) and dish out lines like “Oh, that’s a little much, my Chippendales days are over.”

The consensus among the elders featured in the videos is that Psy is bringing an international flavor even though some of them aren’t exactly sure which country he is from (“This is Korean, not Japanese? Shut the front door!”) On the day that Psy live streamed a performance of his song to celebrate its incredibly popularity, he can now take solace in the fact that audiences of all ages enjoy his lasso-twirling, horse-riding pantomime. The only problem with the video is one senior’s observation that the song’s chorus sounds suspiciously like “Open Condom Store.” Can. Not. Unhear.

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