The GIF has lived the life cycle of your average Internet meme. It was cool for about three seconds, became passé, and has recently seen a renaissance thanks in large part to the work of #whatshouldwecallme, which turned the GIF into an easily shareable piece of humor. Tumblr has long been the hub of silly GIF blogs, so it makes sense that they would turn tonight’s Presidential debate into a GIF spectacle: they will host a live event where their best GIF creators will post regular images related to the various moments that take place during the course of the event.

The GIFs will be uploaded to Gifwich, an official Tumblr blog that already features many bizarre election images. Users are warned to “follow Gifwich at your own risk,” as the pics will be coming fast and furious throughout the duration of the each of the four debates. Everything “from zingers to gaffes to awkward silences” will be given the GIF treatment. Should be a fortuitous exercise, given the Romney camp’s plan to supply their man with a full arsenal of pre-prepared zingers.

Several of Tumblr’s preferred bloggers will do the actual GIF-ing, including topherchris and bobby finger. Tumblr’s GIF coverage is partnered with UK’s Guardian newspaper, where US election blogger Adam Gabbatt will provide live analysis of each GIF so that we can have the full explanation as to why Romney’s eyes look so weird or why our Presidential candidates are making out. GIF-related posts will also be provided at Tumblr’s official election blog, which has been posting awesome memes for a while now:

With so many different ways to consume tonight’s political war of words, it will be very refreshing to log on to Tumblr at point tonight and see some inane images that will surely mock our political system. Heck, if we’re lucky, the Zidane headbutt might even make an apperance.

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