We’ve been following Shit Girls Say since it was just an adorable little Twitter feed. We were lucky enough to watch it become a cultural movement so expansive that it spawned its very own search engine. Last week, creators Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Shepard took their phenomenon to its logical next step by releasing a book of the same name. The book’s release was synced up with the posting of a fourth Shit Girls Say episode on the show’s YouTube channel, and Humphrey and Shepard also stopped by What’s Trending? yesterday to discuss their recent renaissance.

The duo fielded questions from Shira Lazar, who took a break from Social Media Week Los Angeles to ask them about the process of creating their book, which will feature each selected saying as a “visual gag.” For instance, the phrase ‘I really want a hot dog’ is written in ketchup on a frankfurter, while ‘I’m thinking of becoming a vegan’ (Shepard’s personal favorite) is written using carefully-arranged slices of ham. The What’s Trending? appearance also included the reveal of the pair’s favorite web series (It’s Belle & Bernice. Do your thing, Internet) and a game where they had to create Shit Girls Say lines for famous female celebrities. Either their responses were pre-written, or they are very quick on the uptake.

The Shit Girls Say channel had been inactive for nine months as its many variations (some good, some just plain silly) spread across the internet. But last week, a fourth short episode was released, featuring new lines that are oh-so-true. I thought the top line from the new video was “What’s in here…what is it?!” (referring to a present) but check it out yourself to find your own personal favorite.

As a reminder, we here at Tubefilter love the Shit ____ Say fad so much that we arranged an meetup with  the various men and women who helped make it a success. I think nine months is more than enough time to look back at the trend and recall your personal favorites. As Shepard noted, “Girls are always saying shit,” so don’t expect this meme to disappear any time soon.

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